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Have you ever paused to think about the physically challenged who are denied a chance to flourish because of a disability? We at omedacart have just done exactly that. We paused, thought and came up with an idea to empower the disabled and to lend a hand to help them reach full their potential. We are a platform which helps them to reach out and explore the markets to sell their products from the comfort of their homes. Let us help them flourish and just be as happy as us.

Many people in our society are facing barriers that cause them to be socially isolated. People who are physically challenged is often most at risk. From lack of awareness for disability and mental illness, homelessness, unemployment, or lack of education opportunities, the obstacles are obvious. Social isolation is a growing problem worldwide. We are here to find a solution for them and make them independentOmedacart is an organization that provides a platform for disabled people to showcase their talent. We tackle social isolation and the barriers in their lives. By providing them this platform we only intend to promote inclusion and wellbeing for all. Together, we work to see people take part, contribute and be valued for their talent. We put the elements in place that all add up to connected lives and communities.You got it right, we have created this platform where you choose from various products which are crafted, designed, produced by a disabled creative person which is made out of love.Our utmost priority is to see them happy in what they love doing the most!Why choose Us?It is high time we give credit to the real hard workers and back bone of our country. These are people who create products just for a living and not make a business out of it. Going local and serving humanity is what that matters to us.Core Values:Welcoming people from all faiths and none, we work together towards the good of the whole community.Open and realWe strive to be warm-hearted, straightforward and honest. We take time to listen to each other and to the people we work with, because that is how we learn and grow.MotivatingEveryone has something to offer, if they are just given the chance. So, as well as helping with basic needs, we help people take part and be valued in their communities – because that is what makes life liveable. We are ambitious to achieve real change.InclusiveFar too many people are excluded by unnecessary barriers in our society. We want to live in a much fairer world where we are all valued equally, not just for what we have in common, but for what makes us different too. We all share a responsibility to make that a reality.CourageousEach day we ask ourselves, what can we do better? In work, as in life, we are motivated by our promise to make life better for people and their communities and we hold ourselves accountable for the difference we make.

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